The Cuts

Most barbershop's have a poster on the wall that you would pick your cut...we don't work that way.

One-Length Brushcut

A simple hairstyle, cut with an electric clipper. This haircut is all one length, usually ranging between a 000 (very short) to a 3.5 (medium length). 

Crew Cut / Caesar

Usually a simple fade on the side, and a few finger-lengths of hair on-top. Traditionally this cut gradually gets longer, moving from the crown to the fore-head. 

Modified Princeton

Styled similar to a Traditional Princeton by parting the hair to the side. The Mod-Prince is usually shorter in length with a faded or tapered side. Many have tapered their temples and neck and added a Hard Razor Part.

Traditional Princeton

Some call it a comb-over, others an Ivy League, Harvard, Yale; but no matter the name this classic men's haircut is always a winner. Usually done with all scissor and shape with a razor.


A tight fade on the side that is cut under longer hair that is on top. This can be combed back, parted to the side, or left messy. There are many variations to this hairstyle whether you add a double razor hard part or one, disconnect one side and blend the other, it's all up to you.

Medium & Long

Pompadour, Comb Backs, or just wash and go. Many gentlemen like to keep some length on top. You can style it any way you would like. Our barbers are extremely talented with scissor and can sculpt a look for you.

High & Tight

Distinguished by a higher, tighter, fade. The base can be finish with clipper, foil clippers, or a straight razor. We have a history of producing beautiful H&T's and it is one of the first hairstyles that all of our barbers must master before being active in our barbershop.